Sunday, February 03, 2008


December 8, 2007 - Aowanda, Taiwan. I think it's a national park in central Taiwan. It was kinda like a mini-Yosemite. No mini-Half Dome, but they did have this mini-Yosemite Falls, and the park was in what looked like a mini-Yosemite Valley. And then later in the day we went to Taiwan's most famous lake, Sun Moon Lake, and that felt like a mini-Tahoe. So, like, Taiwan is a mini-California. I was afraid of looking in the mirror and seeing a mini-me.

long exposures sometimes get funky results.

iTunes soundtrack:
1. Astronaut (Versus)
2. Heroes in June (Echobelly)
3. 2nd of Feb (Engine Down)
4. Where Have All the Good Times Gone (The Kinks)
5. Yacht Dance (XTC)
6. Lollipop (Judy and Mary)
7. Steam [Oh, Oh, Let Off Steam 12" Mix] (Peter Gabriel)
8. Let It Loose (The Rolling Stones)
9. Stay (David Bowie)
10. Icarus (Borne On Wings of Steel) (Kansas)

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