Tuesday, February 26, 2008

December 9, 2007 - Central Taiwan. A resort constructed to be reminiscent of Europe.

I'm still not shooting anything new. I think I'm bored, but fortunately I'm moving on Sunday. So hopefully my new environment will have me shooting again. I wasn't planning on moving again until I left Taipei, but my cousin's aunt had a place I could move into. The pros and cons of the new place and my current place balance out, which should mean staying put, according to the laws of entropy, but I guess it's time for a change. Somethings always have to change. Or not.

iTunes soundtrack:
1. Fire on Babylon (Sinead O'Conner)
2. Indian Summer Sky (U2)
3. So Serious (Electric Light Orchestra)
4. San Juan (Sukay - Andean pan flute)
5. I Saw the Light (The The)
6. Hoshi no Umareru Hi (Cocco)
7. Typical Situation (Dave Matthews Band)
8. Time (Rebecca)
9. Animals (Talking Heads)
10. C'mon Billy (PJ Harvey)


Rola Cola said...

一台數位的兩台LOMO = ="

ocgal22 said...

Moving . . . yuck.