Wednesday, May 20, 2009

September 20, 2008 - More riverside bikeway. I think this is in Beitou District in northern Taipei. Not having car, girlfriend with car, nor willing to transport by car, I'm not sure what the roadway is overhead, but no doubt it's some bit of freeway to make a few miles go faster. *sigh* what ever happened to US$150 per barrel oil? Funny, though, that bend in the freeway actually looks straightened out by the fisheye. It's actually a pretty sexy line.

Guangdu Temple, a famous Taoist temple in northern Taipei. I haven't been riding this year. I just started running again, but, alas, no motivation to take my bike out yet. I think part of it is psychological. I don't want to just repeat what I did last year. I don't want to get out on my bike and ride the same routes I did last year, and I covered most of them last year. I can't think of many routes that I've noticed and didn't do last year. But I think once I get out on my bike, I'd be happy doing anything. Well, like with running, I won't force anything. It's not like a dog that you have to take out for a walk whether you like it or not. I'll take out my bike when I do.


joyce said...

i really want to go running again. but it's been so long, i don't know if i can even run a mile! :( hopefully baby R will let me run soon. he's kind of a handful, and i'm one of those weirdos that needs to run on a treadmill. when i run outside, i have a hard time pacing myself (too fast too soon) and i don't get very far. and i definitely want to get a bike so we can all go riding along the many trails near our house!!! too bad i'm poor.

Anonymous said...

hello, i'm writing you here, because i don't know another way to contact you. a friend of mine (ojoblanco) suggested i contact you, since we are both in taipei, and both were fotologgers living in san francisco. i don't know if i ever met you at fotolog gatherings... maybe? anyways, i'd like to get out and explore more with cameras, and meet some new folks, so if you're game, drop me a line (acruse at gmail dot com). okay take care.