Tuesday, June 30, 2009

October 19, 2008 - The view from the outside hall of my 3rd story floor. The entire floor I'm sure used to be one whole apartment, but my landlord - my cousin's uncle on her mother's side - partitioned it off into separate apartments with a shared kitchen.

A short walk from my building is this roundabout at Minsheng East Road and Sanmin Road. This is a very nice section of town. A lot of residential neighborhoods in Taipei still have their old dump-like quality, so much so that the government is offering building owners subsidies to beautify their exteriors. Not in this section. For most part, residential buildings are very nice by any Western city standards. Not shiny, bright and modern, but this area of town was obviously built with a plan in mind. Not haphazardly.

I'll be leaving New Jersey next Tuesday morning, arriving in Taipei Wednesday evening, back at work Thursday night. Not sure how I feel about going back. As something I have to do, I guess I'm ready, but if I had my druthers, maybe I wouldn't.

I'm hoping to start shooting more. At least a little more than I have been. On the SLR front, I'm "retiring" my Pentax ZX-5n and taking my brother's Nikon N70 hand-me-down, for which I just bought a refurbished Nikon 24mm-120mm zoom lens. Just being a Nikkor autofocus lens is sweet. Much quicker and more accurate than the Pentax. From when I tested the Nikon against the Pentax before, the Nikon blew the Pentax out of the water.


joyce said...

we had a garage sale last weekend and while we were going thru the basement looking for crap to sell, i found my old pentax SLR!!! it was shoved in a bag that was shoved in a box that was sitting on a shelf. i was so excited to see it, but then i remembered it was broken (film doesn't always wind all the way after you take the pic, so i get half double exposed pictures, which makes for some interest shots). i also found a roll of film...lol, probably like 5 years old. would you ever consider a digital SLR?? whit wants to get the canon 5D mark II, it's pretty cool, takes really great quality low light video. but kinda pricey, and his lenses won't work with it, at least his favorite lens won't. i've decided i want to learn how to use his camera so i don't just put it on the auto setting when i take pics.

i can't believe your vaca is almost over...hope things get better at work!! or maybe find a new job?? i know, easier said than done!

Pierre said...

Yeaaaah! Give me a call once you're back in Taipei.

I don't propose you to hang out together with our SLR, since I suppose you prefer being alone while shooting.

See you soon!

koji said...

I'm curious what you'll find on that roll of film! I didn't know you were a Pentax user. I'm a little sad abandoning my Pentax. It's a great little SLR - the main problem is the lens is beat up and just isn't very sharp and doesn't give good information for metering. Someday I hope to get a good lens for it, and give it to a nephew or niece if they show interest.

My brother was pushing DSLRs, but I told him until I find they serve one of my purposes that a film camera can't, then I had no reason to switch, because I just like using film. And I don't have many purposes, so film suits me fine. Of course, he needs one because he's documenting his kids growing up, and DSLRs are much more useful for capturing them in any situation.

Thanks, I think my work situation isn't as bad as I think, but I want to be prepared for anything.

Alright, Pierre, I don't mind getting together with groups of people to go on photostrolls. Maybe we should get a group together. You should meet my Thai friend, too. I've already raved about his photography. A find lot of digital photography unimaginative, but for some reason I find his stunning.