Thursday, July 30, 2009

October 21, 2008 - Jinshan, Taiwan. Beautiful northeast coast, around where the nuclear power plant is - maybe right across from the street from it, since I remember I stopped there to get a dose of radiation.

I haven't been riding at all. Kinda makes me feel bad about my bike just sitting there doing nothing. It's a got a mechanical problem I should probably tend to, but I'm also worried about exacerbating a knee pain.

Riding from Jinshan to Keelung before turning right and heading back to Taipei. Late in the day with the sun in the west. Long Sailor Moon pose shadow unavoidable.

I've been totally remiss about posting here because I got sucked into Facebook after I got back from the U.S., but the novelty there has worn off, so I can get back to this. But I need to shoot more, I'm running out of lomos! Bleah!

But with insomnia and struggling to get enough rest, it's hard to get out of the apartment except for work. Oh, and also because if this was anywhere else, we'd be in a heatwave, but this is Taiwan and it's already so hot that it seems ridiculous to call it a heatwave just because of a few added degrees. But 88 degrees in my apartment! That got my air conditioner on.

Anyway, a co-worker said she's getting into lomo and will buy an action-sampler soon, so maybe someone else shooting can get me shooting, too.

Combat Baby (Metric)


joyce said...

ah...sailor moon pose!!! :)))

and yes, FB = biggest time suck ever!

i still need to get my action sampler. i always say that when i see them. someday, i really will get one!!

Pierre said...

What is an action sampler?

I don't know how you do: I've been sleeping "only" six hours last night and feel as if I didn't get a sleep for two weeks...

See you later. And right, Facebook is not good to talk too long. Blog is hyper!

koji said...

action sampler is a type of lomo camera that takes 4 pictures in one frame.

hope you're recovering ok from the appendicitis.

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