Thursday, December 01, 2005

My Space

My desk in my old room at my parents house. But this furniture came after I left, so I never really used it. The computer's mine from San Francisco. This isn't my work station now because I don't get some neighbor's wireless signal from here. And this computer isn't wireless and still has Windows ME, anyway. BLEAH!!

Corkboard right above the desk, and indication of an unhealthy obsession with Audrey Hepburn. But really, I don't. She's just my favorite icon.

What I consider my current workstation in my brother's room, where I can get a wireless signal. Film scanner's on the left. In the background there are several clothes racks of my mother's clothes. After the kids all left, she invaded all our closets, packing them full of clothes. Having run out of closet space, she filled this room with her clothes, many of which still have price tags on them. She might be what Buddhists call "hungry ghosts" - beings with huge stomachs, but teeny, tiny throats. They crave and want, but are never satisfied, and obtaining only feeds their desire for more. She's a classic example, but we all have varying degrees of that in us, so I'm not criticizing her here. With age, she has realized the folly of such vanity, and doesn't go clothes shopping anymore. I see that the behavior still exists, though, in other ways.

The big black shadow on the right hand side is another downside of the fisheye lomo. The shadow is of the lens barrel caused by the flash.

current sounds:
1. Kali Kali Zulfon Ke Phande Nah Dalo (Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan)
2. He Knows, You Know (Marillion)
3. Your Own Special Way (Genesis)
4. Where Do the Children Play? (Cat Stevens)
5. Me and My Charms (Kristin Hersh)
6. We've Got a File On You (Blur)
7. Honshirabe (Katsuya Yokoyama) shakuhachi music
8. Sentimental Lady (Duke Ellington)
9. Gepetto (Belly)
10. A Little More Mascara ("La Cage Aux Folles")

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