Thursday, December 08, 2005

West Side Highway

November 18, 2005 - Rode into Manhattan to pick up my Taiwanese passport. I took Riverside Drive down the west side. This was shot off 165th Street on Riverside Drive.

current sounds: last 10 songs shuffled on iTunes:
1. Look Back in Anger (1988) (David Bowie)
2. Storm the Gates (Enon)
3. Drugs (Talking Heads)
4. All Babies (Sinead O'Connor)
5. Leave it to Rust (Enon)
6. Go West (Liz Phair)
7. Medication (Modest Mouse)
8. School Night (Ani DiFranco)
9. Psycho Killer (live) (Talking Heads)
10. Miss You (The Rolling Stones)


joyce said...

you have a taiwanese passport? dual citizenship??

keauxgeigh said...

yea, you see, um, that's the thing.

Taiwan allows dual citizenship, but the U.S. doesn't. And what counts for Taiwanese citizenship, I don't know, since all I needed was an application and my old Taiwanese passport that I had as a kid and expired over 10 years ago.

My theory is that Taiwan needs as many citizens as possible since it's not officially recognized as a nation, so they'll give it to anyone minimally qualified, like me.