Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Heping East Road, Section 2

March 29, 2006 - Precisely the view right outside my apartment. On a sunny day. Daan Park is on the right. You can see the footbridge I like in the distance. I think that red and yellow awning is for the bakery next door that I go to when I'm hungry in a pinch. It rules. There are like 15 bus lines that run outside my apartment. If I didn't have my bike, I would explore the city by randomly getting on a bus and seeing where it goes (assuming that it would eventually take me back where I started).

iTunes soundtrack:
1. Just Call Me Joe (Sinead O'Connor)
2. Concerto No. 2, II. Larghetto (Chopin)
3. State of Confusion (live) (The Kinks)
4. In Search of Peter Pan (Kate Bush)
5. Bass Improv/Amazing Grace (Bela Fleck & the Flecktones)
6. It Ain't Easy (David Bowie)
7. Goodbye Blue Sky (Pink Floyd)
8. Deja Vu (Deadweight)
9. It's a Maze ("Secret Garden")
10. Dirty Pool (Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble)


joyce said...

i wish i lived right next to a chinese bakery!

keauxgeigh said...

oh, actually now that you mention it, it's a Western style bakery! If it was a Chinese bakery, I would totally plotz! Hm, there's a business idea - a bakery that sells both! I don't think I've seen one yet. My other business idea is Zhen Zhu Pi Jiu - bubble beer! Unless the bubbles dissolve in the alcohol, I'm going to have to experiment.