Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Dragon Boats, part II

June 3, 2006 - Hsindian, Taiwan. Dragon Boat races, part II. I don't know how the annual event of dragon boats is run, but there were two separate events in which our school's team competed in. I think the one in Hsindian, a week after the one on the Keelung River, was more local, Taipei County. The mixed team won first place.

Takako, eating corn, looking a little bewildered at my fisheye antics. I try to keep my camera hidden until I'm ready to shoot, and then I whip it out and shoot before they have time to react. Ergo, not the best picture of her, but it's a fisheye view, dangit. She really is such a good sport.

That's my classmate in the orange school team uniform. The Hsindian area, about 20 minutes south of Taipei, is quite pleasant, and the water they raced in was much cleaner compared to the Keelung River. It helped that the sun wasn't out like it was the week before. I prefer sun, but not to bake under for an outdoor event.

Last frame on the roll, them humoring my shooting.


joyce said...

it was over 100 degrees (and no shade!) when we went to the colorado dragon boat festival. yeah, we didn't stay very long. :)

keauxgeigh said...

as much as I've complained about the incessant rain, I must admit the drear wasn't bad that day since we were outside and exposed.