Saturday, September 09, 2006

Going to Yangkong St.

July 6, 2006 - Finally! People I all, more or less, like. Pierre, JC, Naoya, Hyun Ae, and Takako. All of them previous classmates except for Naoya, who is the only new classmate of theirs that I genuinely liked. It helped that he's a musician and we could talk music. Not everyone was as enthralled with him, as his personability was a bit specific, focused. And everything about him is focused. After six months of Chinese language study, he is pretty much fluent and can hold his own in complex conversations, and he's begun learning Taiwanese. He can even sing songs in Chinese at karaoke. After six months, he took a Chinese proficiency test, which indicated that he could jump 15 lessons in the textbook!

We were walking to Yangkong "snack" Street for lunch, which despite its nickname isn't the delectable foodie paradise it suggests. I had fallen back to take some digital shot, and as these are people I all like, they waited up for me when they noticed I wasn't with them. Suckers. As I approached I got Bebe ready in my backpack and whipped it out and shot this.

iTunes soundtrack:
1. Said Too Much (Versus)
2. Forest Fire (Versus)
3. Santa Maria (Versus)
4. What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted (The Funk Brothers w/Joan Osborne)
5. Sweet Black Angel (The Rolling Stones)
6. The Ballad of Ladyman (Sleater-Kinney)
7. Ai no Shiru Shi (Puffy)
8. Carry On Wayward Son (Kansas)
9. Jubilation (20 Minute Loop)
10. Tamuke (Katsuya Yokoyama)


joyce said...

i love these surprise shots of your classmates! it's too bad you can't do like an action sequence with your lomo.

keauxgeigh said...

true, but I can with my new digital camera! thanks for reminding me.