Saturday, October 01, 2005

Still figuring this out

So no, I don't think the idea of a lomo diary in real time will work. I think I'm still going for shooting one or so lomo shots a day and then writing something about it or that day. And then it occurs to me - I'm not a very good writer. Words don't flow and I don't choose the right ones that get attention. Well, my attention. I'm boring, even to myself. So is this thing going to fly? Too early to tell.

Another issue is what if I end up having a batch of fisheye lomos from one day, an outing, an event? This past Sunday, I went up to Boston for a cousin's wedding, and I have wedding lomos and Boston lomos all from the same day. What to do? I don't know, so I'll start by sharing a few of the Boston lomos:

Cities around the world are engaged in civic improvement and capitalizing on refining local attractions. This shot is what I suppose is a part of Boston Harbor at Congress Street, and they're currently constructing a site to commemorate the Boston Tea Party. I couldn't figure out if they have the actual ships or if it will all be recreation. Either way, ships! Neat! I'd go. Tourist trap: 1; Me: 0.

Fisheye lenses make it difficult to not get the sun in a shot. I like the direct sunlight playing and distorting on the lens. I'm using software to correct all these shots for brightness and contrast, and I'm wondering if that's considered cheating in the lomo philosophy, but of course the last rule of lomography is that there are no rules! This is the Summer Street bridge, a stone's throw away from the Congress St. bridge.

Unfortunately, no, this is not Boston bike gang. I don't think Boston is cool enough for bike gangs. It was a ride for some cause. They all had numbers on their backs. They didn't seem to be amused by me standing in the middle of the road in a suit and tie (wedding, remember?) holding what was looked like a toy camera. They should've been tickled pink and smiled and waved. This affirms my stereotype of Bostonians as uptight and humorless.

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