Monday, October 24, 2005

An atypical drive into New York

OK, kids, we can compare a lomo ride into New York with a lomo drive.

First, of course, there needs to be a reason to drive into New York, involving a $6 toll, polluting the environment, gas $$$, and becoming one with angry New York drivers, certainly one of the lower common denominators of society. In this case, aside from the looming rain of a cloudy day, my sister-in-law had several errands to run that required driving in.

The $6 toll gets you across the George Washington Bridge and shots like this:

Typically the choice off the bridge is whether to go down the East Side or the West Side. Sister-in-law needed to go to a place coincidentally right near B&H on 29th and 8th, so we took the West Side Highway down, with views of the Hudson River and say hello to the Jersey skyline:

After loading a new roll of film into Bebe, which is what I've named the lomo fisheye, pronounced "bay-bay" like on South Park, the West Side Highway goes by the Intrepid Air and Space Museum, which the bike path also goes past, but the area is all so cramped that there aren't many great vantage points to shoot it.

Apparently, when you use a camera in a car, you get light leaks on your film:

Getting off the West Side Highway seems to make the camera-use-in-a-car light leak phenomena even worse:

Sister-in-law's first errand had me standing in the car by some parked school buses. That was cool. If you're nestled in with a bunch of school buses, you aren't blocking traffic, so who's gonna tell you to move along:

The next thing sister-in-law had to do was pick up tickets to a Broadway show for some friends. Unfortunately, around Times Square it's near impossible to stop the car for any length of time, parking, waiting, standing, it matters not. You can't do it. So while she ran in to get the tickets, I had to drive around the block.

Times Square drive-by, #1:

Times Square drive-by, #2:

Oh, whoops, and that's it. I guess I could have documented that drive into the city better, but it's not like I was trying to document anything. This is all just a ruse to dump my lomos somewhere, so deal enjoy!


joyce said...

i've never heard of lomography til your blog, but i find it fascinating! i want a lomo! but my pictures wouldn't be as cool as your's. :) actually, i want an "action sampler." so cool!

keauxgeigh said...

you totally should, it's fun! The fisheyes are cheap on amazon, the cheapest I've seen. The original Lomos were the model LC-A, but they don't make them anymore and with demand, they cost well over a hundred bucks. A lot for what many consider a toy camera.

The action sampler is pretty cool, I knew some folks in SF who had ones with 9 lenses! Really cool!

joyce said...

9 lenses?! holy crap... i found this site that had the actionsampler for cheap. hmm...i may just get one. :)

keauxgeigh said...

you might look on eBay, too.

Peter said...

great images.