Friday, October 28, 2005


Hometown shot. Route 9W is the big road that takes you through this town north-south. It's the only big road in this town and it's designed to just get you through it as quick as possible.

The leaves started turning a couple weeks ago and we're just getting into peak now. I had forgotten what the leaves smelled like. Nostalgic. Except after a couple weeks they start to rot and smell like crap.

The colors make my default 19 mile ride more pretty.

Hudson River Drive. Mile 9.44 on my 19 mile ride.

The weather has been iffy, so more shots of Autumn color at peak have been sparse. What sucks most is when peak hits and we have a bunch of cloudy days, and by the time the sun comes out, all the leaves have fallen.

It's that time of year, though. Daylight savings ends this weekend.

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