Friday, October 07, 2005

Boston: Buildings and Streets

To make it to the 11:00 wedding, we left at 6:00 in the morning to give some breathing time since none of us were all too familiar with Boston. With no traffic, it took us just a little over 3 hours - an astoundingly short amount of time coming from New Jersey. Even with construction on the streets of Boston, we got to the hotel with no problem.

Fisheye lomo fresh with its inaugural roll of film, the 4th frame on the roll was my first shot in Boston on Atlantic Avenue, I think:

We got to the hotel and parked the car and found my uncle with more than an hour and a half until the wedding. With that much time that I didn't want to fill hanging out with family members, I took off on foot to wander the streets of Boston. Buildings always seem to be a popular subject of fisheye photography. Let's try it out: Frame 5:

Fast forward more than an hour later, heading back to the hotel after shooting 14 frames, I shot one last lomo while crossing Congress Street on Franklin:

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