Thursday, October 06, 2005

Finishing off the Wedding

Right, so a week and a half ago my cousin got married in Boston, blah, blah, blah. It was a modest wedding, I heard my cousin wanted it to be low-key. It was scheduled for 11 in the morning, but at 11:00, no one was there, no one knew what was going on, people trickled in and mingled in cliques, overhearing other peoples' conversations to confirm they were in the right place. But it happened and it was laid-back, a relatively informal, down-to-earth affair, befitting my cousin's humble personality.

I think it was more important for her that it was meaningful, so no big production was necessary. She might have preferred it to be a strictly close friends and family thing, but decorum required that friends of family and extended family not be left out, and I'm sure she was fine with that. Although that meant having a strange cousin who she hadn't seen for eight years show up taking pictures with what looked like a toy camera from odd angles:

That's my aunt on the left, beautiful woman. My cousin Mimi and her husband John, and then my cousin Glen. No idea who the dude on the right is. The wedding was at the Langham Hotel in Boston.

I was honored that at the last minute, my cousins realized that I probably didn't want to be seated with my parents, so they accommodated me at their table:

From left to right that's my cousin Mimi, her husband John, cousin Glen, friend of the groom, the groom, and the bride, my cousin Sola.

I like how these two lomos came out. Not sure I'm liking the black and white, but the fisheye lens does the group of people thing well, I think. I like the shape it creates.

So those are the wedding lomos that I thought came out well enough to post, my inaugural roll at that. Should have gone with color, but I'm working on that now. I still have a few more Boston and miscellaneous lomos while I finish the color roll. Who knows when I'll see Sola again, I'm not counting on it being any time soon. I did think of sending a thank you and congratulations card, since I have these nice cards I picked up from a monastery I stayed at for five months, but I'm thinking we're not so close any more, don't try to cross a bridge that was burnt down long ago. We're family, if occasion arises, we'll see each other again, although maybe it won't have as much meaning as it could.

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