Friday, October 21, 2005


Look how nice a cherry red Porsche looks in the rain:

October 14, 2005 - it's dead in the driveway in need of a new water pump. I go out and turn it on every week to keep the battery from dying.

That's a new brick house they're building across the street. It's replacing this.

About as nice as a cherry red lighthouse looks in the sun:

October 17, 2005 - Little Red Lighthouse, New York side of the George Washington Bridge. Lomo not flipped.

My brother still has the the book shown on that website link. It was ours when we were kids in the 70s. He has it on his windowsill in his apartment in Fort Lee, from where you can easily see the lighthouse. In fact, that's his building on the lower left. I'm pretty sure it is.

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