Saturday, October 15, 2005

The sun'll come out....

The sun is due out tomorrow, I'm hoping to be able to get out and ride my bike. I've been wanting to ride to Brooklyn, which is quite a haul just to get there, but maybe I'll save that ride for Sunday, when I want to ride into Manhattan anyway to go to the B&H Photo store. They're having wonky hours because it's a primarily Jewish establishment, and we are in the high holy days of the Jewish calendar. Really, most of the people who work there are practicing Hasids, with the whole black coat get up and hair locks. They don't talk to you unless they need to, they don't smile, and they don't exchange small talk or even common pleasantries. Maybe they're disgruntled because they'd rather be practicing, maybe it's cultural, but I respect that. Anyone willing to wear their beliefs on not only their sleeves but their whole body, looking totally freakish by our cultural standards gets the benefit of my doubt.

So tomorrow, maybe I'll just do my 18 mile loop ride which is my default ride to make sure I get out and get some exercise. It's an easy, scenic ride going up Rte 9W to Alpine (on which Alanis Morrisette filmed that video in the car where she's all split personality), and coming back on the Hudson River Drive to Fort Lee, and then backtracking up to my parents' town. The route has plenty of rolling flats, one screaming downhill (although not by Bay Area standards), and some short uphills.

Yes, I've stopped to take lomos (yes, I took my lomo along):

September 29, 2005 - Hudson River Drive

October 1, 2005 - Hudson River Boat Basin

The ride goes underneath the George Washington Bridge going to Fort Lee:

October 1, 2005

All of these negatives are flipped, per previous discussion.


Lisa said...

Those are some pretty great photos. Maybe I should think about relocating to NYC.

keauxgeigh said...

thanks, but it's a nice place to visit, but living there might be worse than San Francisco. I'd choose Tucson over New York, truth to tell. Oh wait, where did you stay in Arizona?

Lisa said...

I stayed in Scottsdale. It was a default location, really - I would have preferred Flagstaff or Sedona. But since I was looking for a) extreme heat, b) a house with a private pool, and c) privacy to fully enjoy the heat and the pool, the only place that had all three in my price range was this house in Scottsdale. I don't think it ever got really hot farther north while I was in AZ. Can't complain, really - it was everything I needed at the time, except for the ghosts. I should write on my blog about them.

At any rate, I do love the desert. I would love and adore a vacation house in the desert, but not sure I would want to live there full time. Ah well, maybe when I get to be rich and famous. :o)