Sunday, October 23, 2005

A typical ride into New York

I make no claims of being a New Yorker. I'm sure when I go into New York, I have New Jersey written all over me. I really should get a New Jersey sweatshirt or something. Or a mullet. A Bon Jovi shirt would just as quickly make the point. But, oh, Bon Jovi *shudder*.

When I go into New York, I usually end up going to same old places, using same old routes. There aren't places I go to hang out, and when I'm done with why I went in, I usually start making my way back to New Jersey for lack of anything else to do.

So for example, last Monday I rode into New York to go to B&H on 34th and 9th. I decided to ride all the way down on the pedestrian pathways that go along the Hudson River on the West Side. It's not seamless, and there is even one section around 133rd St. where you have to go into car traffic.

The only way to get directly onto the paths without having to carry my bike down steps, is to turn left off the George Washington Bridge, and go up three blocks to 181st St., and down to the paths to swing back under the GW Bridge.

On a nice day, it's tempting to stop a lot to take in the view.

It's a long way down from 181st St. to 34th St. Midtown is marked by a bike path that goes underneath the West Side Highway:

In fact, at one end there are fenced in basketball courts that are reminiscent of the "rumble" scene in West Side Story. I can almost hear Bernardo hiss, "Under thee highway" every time I ride by them.

At B&H, I got UV ($12) and red ($12) filters for the 28-80 lens ($18, including shipping) that I got off eBay. I can't believe I spent more on filters than the lens cost! That just seems so very wrong. I also got a protective UV filter ($25) for my original 28-200 lens, and 3 rolls of XP2 Super black and white film.

And afterwards, predictably, I had no idea where to go. I didn't want to just ride back up, so I walked around a bit hoping to be inspired to go somewhere else. At a loss, I hung out at the corner of 34th St. and Broadway for a few minutes.

Alas, no inspiration struck, so I headed back up, going the same way I came down. Usually I go back a different route, but I didn't feel like riding in traffic, which all the other routes do.

There's a pedestrian pier at around 70th St. that I stopped at to rest. It juts way out into the Hudson River:

And looks back at a magnificent view of the Trump buildings:

Really, I've never taken the same route back as I went, but that day I really took the exact same route all the way:

I'm sure I could have done a better job documenting the ride in, but it really was pretty uneventful. At least it was nice and sunny and colorful. I'll probably go in again soon and shoot more extensively. I'd like to go to Central Park when the leaves turn.


me said...

c'mon... you know you've still got a slippery when wet shirt hiding in a closet somewhere...

and where'd all the rain go?! and what bike are you riding these days?

no worries on the drive-ability, i find myself in a similar fix myself (though car repairs looming!) it'll happen when it should, without stress on either end, yes? :) ok, *limited* stress, how's that?

Lisa said...

*snaps fingers rhythmically*

When you're a Jet, you're a Jet all the way, from your first cigarette, to your last dyin' day.

This makes me want to put on a ruffly skirt and head for the dance at the gym!

keauxgeigh said...

no stress, hon, it happens when it does. I've got pictures of my rides coming up :) The rain's still here. How about down there? We had a downpour last night that made for many pretty little waterfalls down the Palisades, and we're expecting a nasty "Nor'easter" tomorrow night. Wha tha hell is a "Nor'easter", we din't have them when I was growing up.

I'm gonna have to shoot those basketball courts. You'll see, it's gotta be where they had the rumble and Riff and 'Nardo got the stab-stab.

Oh dear, I sense a West Side Story viewing coming up.