Tuesday, October 02, 2007

commute photo essay - backtracking

Well OK, so that was the first option to get to the Taida campus from the bikeways, and it's the option I take most frequently now because it keeps me out of traffic, aside from crossing intersections. Backtracking to the bikeway, here's a shot I missed before while posting in sequence of where the ramp from the bikeway meets up with the Fuhe Bridge.

Back down on the bikeway (you can see a bit of the ramp on the left edge of the lomo), heading towards the second option to exit the bikeway. This bit of graffiti has been here from the first time I rode down this stretch of bikeway, and every time it gets painted over, it gets re-painted.

I always want to get some red paint and paint a comma between go and vegan, so instead of "go vegan!", it would read "go, vegan!". That way it becomes less of what might sound like a righteous suggestion, and more of an encouragement to existing vegans. But it's just not worth my time and effort just for me chuckle at my own joke.

iTunes soundtrack:
1. Rocket From a Bottle (XTC)
2. Fill Your Heart (David Bowie)
3. Jackie (Sinead O'Connor)
4. Way of the World (Genesis)
5. Late in the Day (Supergrass)
6. Over Under Sideways Down (The Yardbirds)
7. Four Letter Word (Echobelly)
8. Let's Run (Le Tigre)
9. The Ballad of a Ladyman (Sleater-Kinney)
10. Studying Stones (Ani DiFranco)

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