Friday, October 05, 2007

commute photo essay - exit #2

Continuing under the Fuhe Bridge and along the elevated freeway seen here, it's not long before reaching the second option I have to get to school. You can match the building against the hill on the right edge of the lomo with the one down below.

Currently this is not an option to get to school because it's blocked off and fenced up for construction. I don't know what they're constructing or whether this will be open to the public again when it's done. I've heard it called Treasure Hill, but I don't know why or what the history of this bit plot of land is.

This was the last frame on the roll, notice how closely the photo processor cut to the spool.

iTunes soundtrack:
1. Heaven and Hell (live) (The Who)
2. Planetary (Rainer Maria)
3. Harold the Barrel (Genesis)
4. The Refugee (U2)
5. Me and You (Duke Ellington)
6. Whoop-Ass (Charlie Hunter Quintet)
7. Bottom Line (Rebecca)
8. Come Together (live) (Michael Hedges)
9. PDA (Interpol)
10. Wrapped in Grey (XTC)

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gilda said...

a lomo blog!!! i love it!! i love lomo!!! i miss my lomo so much!