Monday, October 15, 2007

commute photo essay - exit #3

At the top of the ramp leading out of the bikeway to Gongguan, there's a plaza area and a bike rental area. Apparently someone's been making use of the plaza area. If this was the U.S., I would guess it would be BMX folk, but I don't think BMX is that big in Taiwan. They have areas were people can practice tricks, but I've never once seen them being used. At least not by anyone with skills. I think I saw an old lady doing Tai Chi once.

And the actual exit to the surface road. It's a bit of a trick to get through those yellow rails, placed there to prevent motor scooters from easily passing through, but with a little practice you learn to zip right through on bike. From here I turn right to go to school. About a quarter mile down I hit rush hour traffic with morning classes, and it's pretty hairy, which makes this way not the ideal way. The danger doesn't bother me, but the motor scooter fumes make me loopy.

iTunes soundtrack:
1. Water (The Sugarcubes)
2. Drain You (live) (Nirvana)
3. Satellites (764-HERO)
4. Valley of One Thousand Perfumes (Mary Timony)
5. Get Crazy! (Princess Princess)
6. Celluloid Heroes (The Kinks)
7. A Room With A View (Pizzicato Five)
8. Air (live) (Talking Heads)
9. Ayo Joget Lagi (Campur DKI - early 90's Indonesian pop)
10. I'll Wait (Van Halen)

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