Sunday, December 16, 2007

Typhoon Krosa Aftermath - comparisons I

October 7, 2007 - it just looks sadder, otherwise not that different!

July 15, 2007 - From the commute lomo essay.

iTunes soundtrack:
1. Tracy's Flaw (Skunk Anansie)
2. I Hope That I Don't Fall In Love With You (Tom Waits)
3. Atrocity Exhibition (Joy Division)
4. That's How I Knew This Story Would Break My Heart (Aimee Mann)
5. Sunspots (Modest Mouse)
6. Tomorrow Belongs To Me (reprise) ("Cabaret")
7. Relax (The Who)
8. Working For The Man (PJ Harvey)
9. A Chance (Victor Wooten)
10. Father, Son (Peter Gabriel)


joyce said...

it does look very sad and gloomy. :(

i love aimee mann.

keauxgeigh said...

I'm in love with her because of her voice. I would marry her! I think I'll get my brother her Bachelor No. 2 album for Christmas.