Wednesday, January 10, 2007

and two far

November 18, 2006 - Just a little farther up the road from the previous shots, in fact, even though you can't see them because they're teensy weensy tiny, they're probably in this shot, maybe. All this is cemetery in the fore and midground. Taipei and Taipei 101 are in the background. I'm told those three tall structures are related to the cemeteries and might be separated by denomination! Muslim, Christian, and . . . other?

I forget if I mentioned this ride was a climb. This is even farther down the road, but not after much more climbing. It wasn't too serious of a hill. This area was no longer Muslim. I liked the palms.

iTunes soundtrack:
1. Pick It Up, Lay It In the Cut (Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings)
2. End of the Night (The Doors)
3. Come Talk to Me (Peter Gabriel)
4. Tsuru no Sugomori (Katsuya Yokoyama)
5. Hey Jack Keruouac (10,000 Maniacs)
6. Ambulance (Blur)
7. Force Ten (Rush)
8. It Takes All Kinds (Aimee Mann)
9. Layla (Derek & the Dominos)
10. Bonnie & Slyde (Bela Fleck & the Flecktones)


joyce said...

that is a great picture! i love the palm trees against the dotted clouds.

keauxgeigh said...

not a bad place to be buried! and great views!