Thursday, January 18, 2007


November 19, 2006 - What pleasant shot of the Jingmei River. I think I'm going to like living so close to it. Oh, have I mentioned I'll be moving soon?

iTunes soundtrack:
1. In Your Eyes (live) (Peter Gabriel)
2. Don't Start (Too Late) (Black Sabbath)
3. Trem Two (live) (Mission of Burma)
4. Vena Cava (50 Foot Wave)
5. Stoicism (Shiina Ringo)
6. Going Down (Ani DiFranco)
7. Nashi (The Boom)
8. One Note Samba/Recado Bossa Nova (Leroy Holmes - ultralounge)
9. It Depends on What You Pay ("The Fantasticks")
10. Syeeda's Song Flute (alt take) (John Coltrane)


ztaro said...

Nice photo! My room is close to the MRT station. Little bit noisy but very nice place!

keauxgeigh said...

My current apartment near Daan Park is pretty noisy, which would be worth it if I had a view. I think my new place will be far enough away from traffic to hear noise. But no where is perfect, I'm sure I'll find plenty of other things wrong with it!