Monday, January 29, 2007


December 6, 2006 - I seem to be perennially posting two months behind. I didn't know what "perennially" meant when I just typed it, but I looked it up and it works. I even spelled it right.

Two months ago, I just started at Taida, having decided Shida's Chinese language program was lame得沒話說. Oh, I guess Shida does have its use in practicing grammar (that meant it's lame beyond words). But yeah, Taida is better than Shida in every way except improving my language ability. ...Oh, I just learned the grammar to say that in Chinese, um...台大方面比師大什麼都好, 就是進步我的中文說話. I hope no one who comes to this blog can read Chinese. Whatever I just wrote probably insulted someone's mother.

This lomo is from my discovery of the Taida main library, and yes, Taida's library is even better than Shida's, even though there's not much you can do wrong with a library, and Shida's actually wasn't that bad. Except for the eye-rolling architectural move of putting elevators at opposite ends of the floors. But I guess that's nit-picking. Basically, you go to take the elevators and you're waiting for one and you see the other one arrive first, and you wonder why they couldn't place the elevators in one place.

Here's an external shot of the library (I can't find a lomo of the outside, but I'm sure one must be coming down the line).

iTunes soundtrack:
1. Let's Run (Le Tigre)
2. Violin (Kate Bush)
3. Mimi Tabu (Bakufu Slump)
4. There's a Tear in My Beer (The The)
5. Marching Bands of Manhattan (Death Cab for Cutie)
6. Catch Me Now I'm Falling (The Kinks)
7. The Affiliated (The Dukes of Stratosphear)
8. Church On White (Stephen Malkmus)
9. Sun Hits the Sky (Supergrass)
10. Just for Tonight ("They're Playing Our Song")


pei !in said...

There's nothing to worry about. Your Chinese is ok.

keauxgeigh said...

Really?!! Yay, you don't know how happy that makes me! :D