Monday, January 01, 2007

Daan Park footbridge default shot

November 8, 2006 - And to start a New Year with my fisheye lomo default shot. Wherever I live, I try to find a default shot. A scene I take over and over until I have a collection of shots of the scene at different times. My official default shot is actually from on the footbridge, but I ended up taking this scene so often waiting for the light to change going to school, it has now become my fisheye lomo default shot, even though my new school is in the opposite direction. Happy New Years to all. Have a safe one.

iTunes soundtrack:
1. Shangri-La (Versus - (Kinks cover))
2. I Remember the Sun (XTC)
3. Suite for Flute and Jazz Piano Trio, No. 2, I. Espiegle (Claude Bolling)
4. Pandora's Box (Throwing Muses)
5. No Surprises (Radiohead)
6. Photobooth (Death Cab for Cutie)
7. Mother (The Police)
8. Seaside Go Go (Anzen Chitai)
9. Battered Old Bird (Elvis Costello & the Attractions)
10. Hit the Road Jack (Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra)


ocgal22 said...

Happy new year!

keauxgeigh said...

to us all! :D