Tuesday, January 23, 2007

ever been to a wedding where you really didn't belong? (not your own!)

December 3, 2006 - There's a reason I haven't gone down to Kaohsiung to visit family since I returned from the U.S. in October. Family is wack! I went to the U.S. in October because my uncle and members of his family were also going, and as nice as my uncle has been to me, I thought I could be of assistance to them while they were there.

But there's only so much family one can take before feeling how wack they are! I took it and I haven't visited them since then.

My (eccentric) uncle, however, comes up to Taipei once in a while for business and often invites me to the company dinners. I guess I should have been suspicious when he invited me out on a Sunday night. Turns out I was accompanying him to a wedding reception! It was the wedding of an old classmate's son, so the degrees of separation were pretty far. Awkward is probably the word that best describes it, and only reinforced my feeling of family wackness. I'm trying to come up with an excuse to not visit them for Chinese New Year.

Empty 18 bus going home from the reception. Oy. Low light situations courtesy of the Fisheye 2.

iTunes soundtrack:
1. Silent Sorrow in Empty Boats (Genesis)
2. She's A Woman (The Beatles - Anthology)
3. Koi no Memory (Yuko Hara)
4. No Time This Time (The police)
5. 4:37 A.M. (Arabs With Knives & West German Skies) (Roger Waters)
6. Time (live) (Tom Waits)
7. Superstition (live) (Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble)
8. Buena (Morphine)
9. Shaking the Tree (Peter Gabriel w/Yousou N'Dour)
10. I Want It All (Queen)


joyce said...

i need to get a lomo. the pictures wouldn't be as cool as your's, but it seems the lomo makes everything look cooler than in person! do they make digital lomos? :)

keauxgeigh said...

let's see if Canon comes out with one! hahahaha! j/k XD XD XD

no really, that's opening a nasty can of worms of "what is lomography?". Does it have to be film? Some would say yes. Others would say it's in the camera and the lens, and there's nothing wrong with a digital lomo. Is the fisheye really lomo? or is it lomo because the artificial "lomographic society" put it out?

who cares? right? :D

ocgal22 said...

Hey, we're going to Bangkok for CNY - why don't you meet up with us???

By the way, I'll be in Taipei next week, but it's a very quick in and out business trip although I may have some free time Friday morning if you're around.

keauxgeigh said...

argh! I totally would, but I only got a single entry visa, and I'm gonna try to get an Alien Resident Card this time so I don't have to keep leaving the country.

So I hope after April I'll be able to come and go as I please. I think.