Friday, January 12, 2007

Flower show, 2 of last 3

November 19, 2006 - Cloudy Sunday. The Flower Show in Daan Park succeeded in bringing even more people to the park on Sundays. Quite lively. Even the dogs were having fun. I was watching those two dogs for a while, the little one was harassing the big one for some reason. The big one was trying to get away and the little one kept on being a pest.

This thing is on the right hand side of the lomo above. Facing west because that's Taipei 101 in the distant background. With the fisheye, you get people in the shot and you don't even look like you're pointing at them. Nice!

iTunes soundtrack:
1. Planet (The Sugarcubes)
2. This Plum is Too Ripe ("The Fantasticks")
3. Japaneggae (Southern All-Stars)
4. Die Young Stay Pretty (Blondie)
5. The Colors of My Life, part 1 ("Barnum")
6. Hellbound (The Breeders)
7. Flute Concerto in A Minor (Vivaldi)
8. Hot Pink, Distorted (50 Foot Wave)
9. Tolerance (10,000 Maniacs)
10. The First Explosion (Ichiko Hashimoto - "RahXephon")

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