Sunday, January 14, 2007

it stabs at the sky

November 18, 2006 - So this is a continuation of the Cemetery Ride, the end of it, really. That ride took me up the mountains along the southeast of Taipei, and went down a long road (研究院) to the far eastern edge of Taipei, which started looking a bit rural. The end of that road was off my map, so I had to guess my way to 忠孝東路, which took me back here.

This was a time when I switched my sleeping schedule so that I could be up all night, so I was leaving for rides pretty early. So here at the end of my ride was even before Eslite bookstore, which I'm standing next to, was open. That's some pretty bright sunshine coming from the east.

And this building needs no introduction. There needs to be a moratorium on pictures of this building.

iTunes soundtrack:
1. Caught a Lite Sneeze (Tori Amos)
2. Groovin' High (Dizzie Gillespie & His Orchestra)
3. Les Promesses (Autour de Lucie)
4. America (She Can't Say No) (Throwing Muses)
5. Given To Fly (live) (Pearl Jam)
6. Shooting Star (Versus)
7. Cheyenne Anthem (Kansas)
8. Inasena Locomotion (Southern All-Stars)
9. Piano Concerto No. 1, III. Rondo, vivace (Chopin)
10. In Search of Peter Pan (Kate Bush)

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