Thursday, January 04, 2007

more classmates...

November 17, 2006 - The previous lomo of my classmates was a sneak shot, but I'm not super tight with these people, and to just sneak a shot is a bit rude, so out of courtesy I showed them Bebe and let them shoot. Koike took this one of Kyoko, whose English was decent, and a helluv annoying American guy. What is it about annoying Americans coming here and embarassing the rest of us? He was a loser idiot. Yankee go home! But the Taiwanese love the Yankees because one of their pitchers is a Yankee. I wear my Mets hat here, but that's probably too subtle a signal that I'm American (any Taiwanese here wearing a New York hat would be wearing a Yankee hat, so wearing a Mets hat should tell people I'm not Taiwanese. too subtle).

Koike. I really liked her for some reason, even though she didn't speak English.

And Kyoko took this one. My hand is wrapped because I had a fractured wrist from getting hit by an idiot Taiwanese motorist. It was very slow speed, so I got away with just a fracture from the fall. My bike was completely undamaged. There's something to say about cheap mountain bikes that are built like tanks on two wheels.

iTunes soundtrack:
1. Heart-Shaped Box (live) (Nirvana)
2. Sister (Steve Vai)
3. Stay Hungry (Talking Heads)
4. Close...But (Echobelly)
5. Suberidai (live) (Shiina Ringo)
6. Welcome to the Machine (Pink Floyd)
7. Alleluia & Fugue (Hovhaness)
8. Jesus He Knows Me (live) (Genesis)
9. Hachimitsu (Spitz)
10. Nirujarini (Shoukichi Kina & Champloose)

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