Friday, January 19, 2007

New neighborhood

December 3, 2006 - Like I said, I'm moving. Coincidentally, I have shots taken with my as-of-yet-unnamed Lomographic Society Fisheye 2, Roll 1, of the neighborhood I'm moving to, sort of.

This is a small bridge crossing the Jingmei River. Just off camera to the right is also a small bridge but carrying a larger road, Roosevelt Road, a major Taipei thoroughfare. Behind me is Taipei and the entryway to the riverside parks/bikeways, ahead is Hsindian city.

So on the right hand side of this shot are three buildings. My new building is behind the middle building in this shot. I'll be living on the fifth floor, which will be quieter, and there is a rooftop area to check on the weather before going out since my window faces the side of a building.

Note the lime green signage on the wall of the river embankment, and that's the reference for the shot below, where the sign is along the right hand side of the lomo. This is shot from the Roosevelt Road bridge, named after the famous Christopher Roosevelt, inventor of the garbage system in Taiwan whereby small garbage trucks roll down the street playing music, which is the signal for people to bring their trash out, chase down the trucks, and chuck their trash in. OK, I totally made that up, I don't know who Roosevelt Road is named after, but it might be one of the two famous American ones.

Now from here, if I had a high-tech zoom gadget like on Discovery Channel documentaries, I'd guide the viewer to the left hand side of the bridge, and noting the pink tall buildings on the right for reference, that's where the below lomo was shot.

Actually, this was the first shot of this series, as I rode up this road to cross the bridge into Hsindian. The entry to the riverside bikeway is to the right, but unseen in this shot. This old guy was walking his bike up a small incline, and I think he was sort of in my way, so I did what I usually do when people are in my way and took a lomo of him. One of these days I'll learn to be civil and just hit him or tell him to get the hell out of my way. I spent six months in a monastery, but I think I'm cured now.

iTunes soundtrack:
1. Lords of the Backstage (Marillion)
2. Tune the Rainbow (Maaya Sakamoto - "RahXephon")
3. Chinsagu no Hana (Ryuichi Sakamoto)
4. Sea Girl (Versus)
5. For You Blue (The Beatles - Anthology)
6. Wake Up (Skip Holiday)
7. Don't Give Up (live) (Peter Gabriel)
8. Mofo (U2)
9. Taiwan Made (Wu Bai & China Blue)
10. Buzzcity Talking (XTC)


joyce said...

dude, i totally believed your story about christopher roosevelt. i can just picture all the ppl now, running out with their trash...

keauxgeigh said...

OH! That part is real!! In Kaohsiung, the garbage trucks play Mozart. It's really a sight to see, all the people walking down the street with their garbage bags, it's like a community thing without fun or interaction. More like a flow of refugees, but they're just going to throw their garbage away! XD