Monday, January 15, 2007


November 18, 2006 - Here's my deep artistic statement about love, and how I think people've got the concept all backwards. This is outside of the Taipei 101 building, not exactly an original piece. I hope I'm not the only one shooting it from this side, but it seems everyone tends to shoot it from the other side.

iTunes soundtrack:
1. Family Business (Fish)
2. Status Quo (Throwing Muses)
3. Golden Years (David Bowie)
4. Silent Anticipations (Michael Hedges)
5. If You Hate Your Friends, You're Not Alone (Pretty Girls Make Graves)
6. Jealous (Versus)
7. Red (Belly)
8. Side By Side By Side/What Would We Do Without You? ("Company" - Sondheim)
9. Bush Killa (Hellraiser Mix) (Paris)
10. You Get What You Give (New Radicals)

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