Friday, January 26, 2007

two shots with nothing in common

December 1, 2006 - I was like, what the hell was I shooting? It's one of the staircases leading up to the footbridge I like shooting, but so what? But I think it was because they totally re-modeled it, and this was in the final stages when they were completing the stairs. I liked it before when it had a classic worn look of copper green. Now it's white and shiny with lots of glass. The basic frame is the same, though, so OK.

This reminds me that when I move I'm gonna have to find a new default shot. As for the default shots of the footbridge, I don't think I shot it nearly enough as the project calls for, both the fisheye default shot and the normal camera default shot. *gasp* Did I just imply the fisheye isn't a "normal" camera?! What's normal? Are you normal?! Curse you, curse you all to hell! No, no, little fisheye, you are normal, and I love you just the way you are. (I just saw a movie with a scene like that. I rolled my eyes).

December 2, 2006 - 警察摩托車, police motorscooters, Renai Road (仁愛路). It was cloudy so I held the shutter open for a few seconds, thus the blur. I probably didn't need to hold it open quite so long, it still being daylight. But overcast in Taipei is pretty dark.

iTunes soundtrack:
1. Emerald Lies (Marillion)
2. Holiday Gone Well (The Aislers Set)
3. Pacific Theme (Broken Social Scene)
4. Tsumetai Getsuyoubi (Yuko Hara)
5. Dead (The Pixies)
6. Bongo Tango (Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra)
7. Stand Up (Throwing Muses)
8. Chapter 8 - Seashore & Horizon (Cornelius)
9. Hammer to Fall (Queen)
10. Send in the Clowns ("A Little Night Music" - Sondheim)

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