Friday, August 31, 2007

commute photo essay - riverside bikeways

Just off the Jingmei Bridge is the entrance to riverside bikeway system north. Northward, it's pretty impressive. There are still some spotty patches where there is construction, but otherwise it's arguably contiguous all the way to Danshui and to east Taipei along the Keelung River. "Arguably" because staying on the bikeways means going a way long distance, but some surface street cut-offs make it bearable.

Southward, it continues, but there's a break. Behind me there is nothing, but if you follow the river on the surface road, eventually you'll hit the continuation, but key sections are still under construction, so it's off-road-on-road. When it's done, it will go all the way out to the Taipei Zoo in Muzha.

That's the Roosevelt St./Beixing Rd. bridge in the background, from where the earlier lomo was shot.

And this is going under that bridge. The big mural and the elaborate entrance is supposed to indicate Taipei's pride in their bikeway system. The main flaw in the system is still access. In fact, I read an article not long ago indicating that the planners are aware of accessibility complaints and are scratching their heads about it.

Actually, for me, there's something distinctly Taiwanese about the ridiculous accessibility.

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