Sunday, August 05, 2007

Graduation Day

June 2, 2007 - I got to campus and surmised it was graduation day by the number of people in robes getting their pictures taken. Looks pretty sparse in this lomo, but behind me, Royal Palm Boulevard was jam packed with people. I didn't see any actual ceremonies, but knowing me, I got there late in the afternoon and they were all done.

Graduation ceremonies. Another year done. Another flock of chippies pushed out of the nest. And the flip side, in just a few months, fresh-faced snot-nosed high school grads will be starting it all. Damn, am I old! You see other students on campus and you think of them as your peers, but on graduation day you find the oldest of them are mere kids. Although admittedly there are quite a few of grad students on the Taida campus.

iTunes soundtrack:
1. Anti-Pleasure Dissertation (Bikini Kill)
2. Wave of Mutilation (The Pixies)
3. Not Now John (Pink Floyd)
4. Hoarding It for Home (Mates of State)
5. Gun Shy (10,000 Maniacs)
6. Moonflower (The Maupin/Williams Project)
7. I Never (Rilo Kiley)
8. Magnum Opus (Kansas)
9. Turn Back, O Man ("Godspell")
10. Asylum (live) (Supertramp)

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